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It was surprisingly easy to get Cody to strip and model for us… of course that’s probably cause we offered him some weed after the shot.

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I had a crush on my neighbor for years. He had an infectious smile and sweet demeanor, always quick with a funny retort and a helping hand. We grew up together, though he was two years older than I. During my day dreams I imagined us laying together softly talking, me caressing his scruffy chest. Then everything changed the day I stumbled upon some selfies he took. My jaw dropped, my cock throbbed, and my hole twitched with desire. Gone was his friendly demeanor. His mouth frowned, his gaze was intense, potent male power emanated from the pixels of my screen. Then I scrolled down to see a shot of his cock; it was fat, uncut, and veiny. His monster would split any hole wide open, destroy it, and shape it to permanently fit him and no other man. In that moment my sweet, boyish crush transformed into total submissive devotion. He was a dream come true in so many more ways than I had hoped to imagine. My gentle next-door neighbor became the Alpha I craved to serve. I needed to be his faggot.

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Greg grew into his Alpha status early on. When he was just 17 he already made several of his classmates into his faggots. They loved him and were so devoted to serving him.

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Now that’s a real good boy eating up all of his Sir’s cum. Doesn’t waste a single drop or flinch when Sir slaps his face.

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