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Sep 19

Boy feeds me sperm in my sleep.


He rubbed his penis on my lips. His balls touching my chin. The boy was breathing hard as he jacked his thick penis for a second as he straddle my head. His strong thighs on either side of my face! Then he stopped and rubbed his penis on my lips again!
I was shocked and turned on at the same time. I continued to pretend that I was sleeping.
Dylan moved so his balls were now on my lips! He just kinda moved them around.
This was crazy, I was thinking. I wanted to open my mouth and suck those teenage boy balls in.
But at the same time I was freaking out! His father was just in the next room and his older brother in the connecting room. Only a bathroom separated them!
And then there was the age thing!
Dylan was a stunning athletic boy. His body was sculpted from playing lacrosse since he was very small.
His dark brown hair and green eyes had always caused a stirring in my crotch!

I stopped at an old Navy friends house on my way back east. We had not seen each other in a few years. He still looked good and I wondered if his cock still taste good. I had actually sucked him off many times when we were back on our ship. But that was a long time ago.
Jeff was married now and had two very hot sons.
Of course I had no intention of doing anything with those boys.

Jeff told me I was welcome to stay at his house. The whole time he never mentioned how much he loved feeding me his cock back all those years ago, in the Navy.

Dylan liked me from the start and I liked him. We had the same taste in music and sports. But his perfect boy ass is what really got my attention!

I was invited to stay the night instead of getting a hotel room. Jeff said there was an extra bed in Dylans room. We all said good night.

Dylan return from the shower with only a towel wrapped around him. He was actually still a little wet. His slightly sculpted chest was smooth. His abdomen showed the hard work he was doing in the gym.
He made small talk as he dried off. Moving the towel over his chest and down his abdomen. His penis was thick and his cock head was large and perfect. His silky sparse pubic hair was damp. A little fuzzy trail of hair sprouted from his naval and merged with his pubic hair.
Dylan seemed comfortable being naked in front of me.
He turned and bent over. His smooth boy ass in full view! My cock was ragging! He looked at me from between his legs as he continued to talk. I had no idea what he was talking about. All I could see was boy ass and hanging hairless balls.
The boy stood up.
Umm….no, I said starring at his penis.
Ohh…nice looking guy like you….figured you would, he said.
What about you, I asked the teenager.
Nice looking boy like you, I smirked.
Dylan smiled wide. It was an amazing dazzling smile!
Umm….I have a friend, he said.
He sat in a chair next to his bed. He was completely naked and had dropped the towel.
I sleep naked, hope that’s OK with you, he said.
Umm… I’m….gonna take a shower, I said.
OK, you can leave your clothes on this chair, he said.
Dylan stood and walked past me to his bed. His penis looked like it was starting to grow.
I undressed with my back to him. I didn’t want him to see my throbbing cock!

I was a little freaked out that I was so turned on by this boy. I tried to calm my cock on the shower.
Just as I stepped out of the shower stall the opposite door opened! Dylans older brother walked in and stood naked at the door.
Oh…sorry I was just needing to shower. Didn’t realize you were in here, he said.
He looked at my half hard cock and said nothing.

I opened the other door and walked into Dylans room. I said good night to his older brother and closed the door.

Dylan was in his bed with no covers on. He was naked on his back and appeared to be sleeping! My cock was stone hard as I watched him. I wanted to swallow his penis, but figured that might be bad. I really had no idea if he would be into it out not. Truth was I also had no real idea of his age. I mean truthfully I could guess, but I didn’t want to.

I really had just dozed off when I felt the bed moving.
Dylan was carefully climbing on top of me! I kept my eyes closed. I wasn’t really sure what he was up to.
I had to really control my breathing when his penis touched my lips!
Oh my god, I was thinking. If his brother or father came in!
Dylan rubbed his penis around my face and lips as he played with his balls. I could smell his boy musk mixed with fresh shower.
My cock began to grow!

Dylan moved his balls around my lips. Up to this point I did nothing. But now it was all too much.
I opened my mouth and sucked his balls in!
Dylan gasped as I rolled his balls around with my tongue. I slid my hands across his smooth ass and up his strong back!
Ohh…fuck…. it’s nice, he moaned.
I thoroughly sucked and soaked his hairless scrotum with my saliva.
Let me suck you off, I whispered through a mouthful of teenage boy balls.
Dylan moved back a little and slid his penis over my lips. I opened my mouth and let him slip it into my mouth!

His penis felt large it stretched my lips more then I expected. I grabbed his ass and pulled him in balls deep!
Dylan pumped his boy cock back and forth between my lips. I sucked his penis flesh like it was the first time I tasted cock. Of course this was uncharted…he was young. All I know is his penis was good!
I grabbed his ass and slowed his face fucking.
Slowly I swirled my tongue over his penis head. I fondled his balls at the same time.
Ohhh….my god….suck me, he whispered.
I sucked him deeper into my throat and vacuum sucked him.
Sliding a finger between his firm smooth ass cheeks I caressed his boy pucker.

Sperm blasted from his balls! Boy cum was gushing into my mouth and down my throat!
I gulped his boy seed. It was thick and sweet and so much of it!
Jizz was running down the side’s of my face and into my ears!
Dylan was moaning quietly as he emptied his balls.
Suddenly my own balls began to tingle.
Jizz shot out of my cock and splattered the boys back! He just moaned more!
Dylan emptied his balls and collapsed on me. His penis still in my mouth as I continued to suck and unload my balls on his back.

An hour later I woke up. Dylan was still in my bed. His tight boy ass close to my face.
I licked his ass cheeks and then spread them. Dylan moaned and woke up as I licked his boy hole!
I slowly began to stab at his boy pucker with my tongue. In no time I was tongue fucking Dylans ass!
Fuckkkkk. ..ohhh….god, he moaned.
I reached through his legs and pulled his cock back.
Suddenly Dylan flipped around and moved so his head was in my crotch!
Dylan was about to suck my cock!

The boy did a great job sucking his first man cock! He even swallowed my jizz!
He cuddled up to me after and we fell asleep.

My eyes opened and looked right into Jeff’s face!
I jumped and sat up. Dylan was sleeping naked next to me. The room smelled like sex and sperm!
I’m glad it was with you, Jeff said.

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All of it.



All of it.

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Making the team, the sperm way…


Legs up around my head as I bathed his boy balls in my mouth! Bouncing his heavy hairless cum filled orbs with my tongue. The boy was holding his head and moaning with pleasure.
The head of his penis was between my thumb and fingers….I rolled it and lightly squeezed.
Ohh…can’t believe….you….suck…ohh, he moaned.
I slid my hand up and across his smooth abdomen and then to his lightly sculpted chest. This teenage boy was sexy and hot as hell!
Letting his balls slip from my mouth I licked below his balls to that magical spot between balls and ass. As my tongue traveled into the valley of his boy ass he shivered.
I spread his smooth firm ass cheeks and swirled my tongue over his tight boy pucker. He jumped a little and whimpered. My tongue was the first!
Stabbing his tight hole with my tongue caused goosebumps on his body and mine! Slowly I worked my tongue into his body. His aroma was musky teenage boy.

I wrapped my hand around his thick penis and caressed it while I continued to eat his ass. His whole body was shaking and he was now mumbling incoherently.

Jake was young, the younger brother of a lacrosse player that I coached at the school. He was trying out for the team with 30 other boys.
Problem was only about 10 of those boys would be selected. At this all boys Academy we only take the best. And we recruit way in advance for the upcoming years.

The tryout was over and the locker room and shower was full of naked boys all hopeful to get a chance. It wasn’t just a chance to play lacrosse. It also looked good on a college application.

I didn’t know most of these boys. I knew some of their brothers because they were already on the team or had been. And I had sucked most of those guys off over the years.

I’m sure it’s hard for some to understand. But it isn’t just the act of sucking cock. It’s way more then that. Hard to explain but it’s an act of endearment, and appreciation for the dedication the boys have to the team and the sport…and to each other.
Most of them are straight boys with girlfriends. But they don’t get what they need from them.
I offer a sexual outlet for these horny teenage boys. They like it and appreciate it. Of course not all of them partake. But even those boys understand it.
It also seems to settle them down so they become focused.

I don’t usually bother with the boys on tryout week. That usually happens in their second season on the team. I mean it’s not usual because most are still on the younger side.
But Jake was freaking hot!

Jake came into my office in the gym. The boy was just out of the shower and only had a towel around his hot body.
Umm….coach….how did I do, he asked.
Fine…just fine, I said as my eyes drank in the youthful beauty of his body.
My brother played here, he said.
Yes….I know, I said, remembering the night he fucked me after a game.
OK…well…just wanted to say, he said.
As he turned to go he dropped the towel. As he bent down to pick it up I got a cock throbbing view of his tight boy ass.

So umm Jake how old are you now, I asked as he turned around giving me a full view of his smooth body. His penis was thick and his balls large and hairless. His blond sparse pubic bush was damp from his shower.
He opened his mouth to speak. I stopped him! Best not to know!

My brother said it’s the best he ever had, Jake whispered. His penis was quickly growing.
Umm…if you want to….ummm….I know the age…thing….I won’t say anything, he said.
Jake sat naked on my desk as I swirled my tongue over the head of his penis. His cock was like a steel bar as my lips closed over it.
Ohhh….god, he moaned as his penis entered my throat! His body was not the only one shaking.

After thoroughly eating his ass I licked the veiny shaft of his penis like a lollipop. The taste of his penis had my cock leaking like a faucet!
As I swirled my tongue up to the head of his penis I pulled my pants down.
My lips closed over the head of his cock. I tightened my lips just under the ridge and vacuum sucked him!
He moaned and wiggled around knocking things off my desk.
Keeping my lips tight I sucked down on his boy pole all the way to his balls!
Again I vacuum sucked him!
I was tasting his pre cum as I began bobbing up and down on his boy cock!

Sperm explosion is the only way to describe it!
Jake moaned and suddenly my mouth was instantly full of thick creamy sweet sperm! It was like his balls emptied all at once!
I swallowed twice thinking that was it. But it was not. My mouth was again full of boy sperm! I gulped it down enjoying the texture and taste of his jizz!
Jake was gone in the pleasure of his first blow job.
Sperm began trickling from my mouth and down my chin as I continued to suck and swallow!
Finally I could take no more.
I let his penis slip from my mouth.
As I stood up my balls erupted!
My sperm flew through the air in huge white ropes splattering all over the boys face and chest!
Jake instinctively licked my sperm off his lips.

As the boys stood on the field I called the names of those that made the team. As I called Jake he quietly moved past me to the bleachers.

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i want him


i want him

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